We give you the most stunning photos from anywhere with a style that’s deeply personal. One that is not conventional, one that is not ordinary, but one that is unique.

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Every special moment, whether it be by beauty or experience, we capture it. Our shots keep you interested and help you share captured moments with other people.


We do wedding photography, events, conferences, studio photography, corporate shots, home events, podcasts, youtube videos,et.c



Our video filming experience is simple, fast, flexible and professional. We have a transparent video production process that puts our customers first to ensure that the whole experience is easy, fullfilling and stress free.

Here are our steps in the filmimg process:


Client brief

The first meet up with the client. We listen to you and understand your idea and brief you on the best ideas for the project.


Production meeting

The producer, crew and the director meet up and get briefed on the project at hand and about the client. 


Production plan

The whole project is planned out and everything layed out; the location, equipment, dates, and the whole process of the project.


Client approval & first deposit

The client is then given the brief on the planning and after approval is required to pay the first deposit as per the agreement made.


logistics rundown

Here we plan on the transportation of the whole crew and equipment to all locations.


location scouting

We do a reconnaisance of the locations which helps in further planning for the project.


filmimg & photography

This is actual process of filming and photography. 


First editing

The raw images and footage put into editing.


client feedback

The client  is given the first draft of the edited footage and is given time to analyze and given room for critique and suggestions. After approval the client 


final delivery

The final draft of the project is delivered to the client and afterwards is required to finish the remaining payments for the project, hence completing the production process.

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